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Capture bats that cannot hide.
Capture bats hiding in the smoke.
Clear out the toxic purple haze.
Clear out the toxic haze and capture the bats.

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You can use a mix of mouse click/scroll, keyboard, or screen touch to play.

You can use W,A,S,D to move and J,K to rotate.

Bats cannot attack when their eyes are covered.

A bat is captured when it gets touched by a pig.

Pigs are safe from fire when they are in the water.

Moving with your back against a wall reduces your tail's exposure.

The game is best played with mouse clicks and a scroll wheel.

Pigs are highly social animals, they want to work together.

To Increase your Score, catch bats sooner or reduce haze faster.

The fastest/shortest solutions are not necessarily the highest scoring.

Bats will avoid flying into flashlight beams.

You can corral the bats to where they will be easy to tag.

You can control one pig while another pig is still moving.

Bats are far from blind, they have excellent low light vision.

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